MacBook, Smartphone & Tablet Repairs - Phone Heroes London

Good Morning Facebook! Easter is approaching, and I bet you have Good Fri off? We are OPEN! 9-5 for all your tech needs! Go online and book your slot! Special offer for booking online :-) #phoneheroeslondon. Based in Earls Court Station!

MacBook, Smartphone & Tablet Repairs - Phone Heroes London

Happy Friday from us here at PHL!!!!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend and don't forget we are here to help you with your tech!!! Special offer for booking online! #phoneheroeslondon

MacBook, Smartphone & Tablet Repairs - Phone Heroes London

Good morning all.. Beast from the East 2.0 is apparently on its way AGAIN! But we are still going to be open and ready to fix your tech! #phoneheroeslondon. Book online to take advantage of our Rapid Repair service! . Have a great Friday!!


Manufacturer of the £52,000 camera plans to release a holographic smartphone this summer. This sh*ts epic!!

#snowday2018 Day 2..... We are open!!!! Come see us!! We have heating, we are smiling, and its our Managers birthday so at some stage there will be cake here!! Cake while you wait!! Can't get any better than that! #phoneheroeslondon

Snow is here again!!!!
Dont forget we are still open for all your tech needs :-)

Snows cleared up outside so no excuse to come get your tech fixed with us! Open till 7 for all your tech needs :-)

We had a great day. Who said Mondays are miserable? Not here!! Bring on Tuesday :-) Have a great evening!!!

MacBook, Smartphone & Tablet Repairs - Phone Heroes London

After a busy morning here at PH HQ, we are taking a little breath before the afternoon rush. We offer a MacBook cleaning service. Is your MacBook running slow? Dusty inside? Getting hot? This could be the solution! Contact us and book an appointment!

We love feedback!!! Check us out on Google and see for yourselves!

Just got a nice shout-out on Smoke Radio (Westminster Uni Radio Station)!! We love students!!!

MacBook, Smartphone & Tablet Repairs - Phone Heroes London

So its snowing here in Earls Court. Yay! We love the snow!!! We are now open till 7pm for all your tech repairs and questions. Call us on 020339773407 or book an appointment online at

We look forward to hearing from you :-)

How busy have we been! Seems people have seen our social media posts!!! iPad day today! Very happy customers!

MacBook, Smartphone & Tablet Repairs - Phone Heroes London

Good Morning from #phoneheroeslondon..... We are here till 4pm for all your tech needs! Give us a call 02033977407 or go online to book in an appointment!

Some feedback from one of our amazing customers :-)

‪‼️We have had a power outage in our Hendon store we are unable to operate until we get power. All repairs have been put on hold. We apologise for this and we are working hard to resolve this.

All of our calls are being directed to our Earls Court store please call 020 3397 7407‬‼️

❗iPhone Screen Replacement PRICE DROP ❗ #happyhumpday

iPhone 5, 5s, 5c £49.99
iPhone 6 £59.00
iPhone 6+ £79.00
iPhone 6s £89.00
iPhone 6s+ £99.00
iPhone 7 £95.00
iPhone 7+ £109.00

All our screen replacements come with a 1-Year Warranty as standard 😁

For any further questions please call us on 020 3397 7407


We're dreaming of iPhones with 512 GB of memory 😍😣

This is us every weekend 🤣 Can you relate?

There's only 10 months to go before Christmas. Here's the perfect gift for all your Bitcoin loving family members or friends 😉😂

You can find more ugly crypto sweaters here -

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Where's Harry Potter when you need him 😐🔮

Programmers life

The life of a programmer.... 😅💻

Credit: Absar

Phone Heroes

We now offer screen replacements for the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus. A screen replacement for these models can take around 45 minutes to an hour to complete. All our iPhone screen repairs come with a 1-Year warranty 📱👌

If you have a laptop that heats up quickly or runs slowly then it sounds like you need a full clean on your laptop. One of our technicians can open up your laptop to perform an internal hardware clean. This includes the technician cleaning components such as the fan, processor & graphics chip.

We charge £99.99 for the cleaning on it's own or you can get 50% off if you have it done with another repair and it will only cost £49.99 to clean your laptop 😜

Our Earl's Court Store is Re-Open! 😊

28th Dec: 9am - 6pm
29th Dec: 9am - 6pm
30th Dec: 10am - 5pm
31st Dec: 11am - 4pm
1st Jan: CLOSED
2nd Jan: Normal hours 8am-7pm

❗Earl's Court Holiday Opening Times UPDATE❗

We have just been told by TFL that we cannot gain access to our side of the station between 24th-29th December. This leaves us with no choice but to close during this time.

We will try to re-open on the 30th & 31st December however, we are still waiting for further information from TFL.

Please keep an eye out on our social media to see if we are open or not on these two days. We will re-open as normal on the 2nd January from 8am-7pm

If you have any further questions please call us on 020 3397 7407

Who's excited for Christmas? We are! 🎄🎅🏻🎉
Our opening times are:
24th, 25th, 26th - Closed
27th, 28th, 29th - 9am-6pm in Earl's Court & 10am-6pm in Hendon
30th - 10am-5pm both stores
31st - 11am - 4pm both stores
1st - Closed
2nd - Normal hours

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This Christmas we are giving 5% of our total iPhone screen repair sales throughout the month of December to London's Homeless 🎅🏻🎄

An iMac still looks impressive without it’s main components 😍🙌🏻


Here at Phone Heroes we have an 85% success rate for liquid damage devices.

Our £20 smartphone liquid diagnosis fee includes:
- Our technicians opening your device up
- Cleaning any traces of liquid from the device
- Testing the whole device to see what’s working and what’s not working

Once a diagnosis has been completed one of the team will let you know if any repairs are required to get your smartphone back up and running.

Our website is back up and running fully & our online appointment system is up and running as well 😜

Due to technical difficulties our website is not running properly at the moment please call us on 020 3397 7407 for any enquiries or appointment bookings and our team will be happy to help 😊

Website Update: Due to technical difficulties we are unable to book appointments through the website at this moment in time. We are working on this as quickly as we can to resolve this issue we will keep you updated! 🙂

It’s just a typical manic Monday for our tech down in Earl’s Court who is busy repairing a broken iPad 😉

Behind the scenes of our new iPhone repair tutorials 😎 #iphonerepairs

If you spot our Phone Hero around Hendon, North London make sure to go and say Hi 😉📱

We are open 7 days a week:
Monday - Friday 10am-7pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 11am - 4pm

🎓 Do you have a mobile device that needs fixing? Why not use our student 15% off discount on all repairs. Just use your student ID at any one of our stores to claim this discount.

*Terms & conditions apply

Hackers Locking, Ransoming Macs: How to Protect Yourself

Do you own a MacBook? Are you aware that hackers are now able to “to lock up Macs remotely and hold them for ransom” if your iCloud password isn’t strong enough! Through the “iCloud’s Find My Mac” feature.

Please SHARE this with your fellow MacBook users to make them aware of this 💻

#macbook #techhelp #technology #tech,news-25869.html

Phone Heroes


All of these repairs come with a 1-Year warranty as standard 😉

If you have any questions you can contact us at or call us on 02033977407.

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Getting ready for the week ahead here at Phone Heroes HQ 💻✌🏻

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It was a pleasure to fix Willian Borges's iPad over the weekend at our Earl's Court store 😎

It may be cold & dim outside but we're feeling the heat this Monday 😉🔥

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This iPhone 6s customer desperately needed their iPhone fixed before they flew to Ibiza in a few hours time. We fixed it for them in just under 30 minutes and even fitted a tempered glass for them for extra protection. They were super happy and ready to party 😎👌

*UPDATE* We are going to be updating our website from 8pm onwards tonight. This means that our website will be out of action for a few hours - Sorry for the inconvenience 🙈

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I had my belated 21st birthday BBQ yesterday & the cake I was given is pretty sick considering I do marketing for a mobile repairs company. It was also double chocolate fudge 🙌🏻😍 - Asia the marketing lady

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All set up to film some videos for our website 🎥😉 #techtuesday

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Feilpe is seriously bossing these logic board repairs today 🔥🔥